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Jeanne d’Arc entered Paris today (1429). Also, Michelangelo was commissioned to carve the Pietà (1498), John Fitch received a patent for the steamboat (1791), the Universidad de Buenos Aires opened (1821), Krakatoa began the final, violent phase of her deadly eruption (1883), the Nineteenth Amendment took effect, guaranteeing women’s right to vote (1920), Charles de Gaulle entered Paris (1944), the Namibian War of Independence began (1966), Betty Friedan led a nationwide Women’s Strike for Equality (1970), the National Assembly of Québec adopted the Charter of the French Language (1977), and Sigmund Jähn became first German cosmonaut, on board Soyuz 31 (1978). And the Rio+10 Earth Summit began in Johannesburg (2002).

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