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Tropical Storm Isaac drenches Haiti, aims for Cuba

(Reuters) – Tropical Storm Isaac emerged over warm Caribbean waters on Saturday slightly weaker but ready to regroup after dumping torrential rains on Haiti, where thousands of people remain homeless more than two years after a devastating earthquake.

US embassy staff shot at by Mexican police

Two US embassy employees were shot at and wounded by Mexican police on Friday after they were caught up in a police chase on the outskirts of the capital, Mexican naval officials said.

Apple awarded over $1bn in Samsung patent infringement trial

Apple has been awarded more than $1bn in damages after its rival smartphone and tablet manufacturer Samsung was found to have copied critical features of its iPhone and iPad.

Gas explosion rocks Venezuela’s largest refinery

A large gas explosion has rocked Venezuela‘s biggest refinery, killing 19 people before dawn on Saturday.

Syrian regime hits back in Damascus as ill-equipped rebels struggle

With Syria‘s second city, Aleppo, consumed by violence, war has returned with a vengeance to its capital. But in Damascus, the regime, rather than rebel groups, is on the attack. The summer offensive that rebel leaders envisaged is, so far, not going to plan.

Veteran N.C. Political Strategists See Obama Path To Winning Tar Heel State

If you want to understand how the White House race will play out in North Carolina as we enter the convention phase, talking to Carter Wrenn, a Republican, and Gary Pearce, a Democrat, is a good start.

Romney Defends Birther Line: ‘The Crowd Loved It’

Mitt Romney is standing by a joke about his birth certificate he made on Friday, despite complaints from President Obama’s campaign that the line was a nod to racially charged conspiracy theories regarding the president’s origins.

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