Art Linkletter had it right when he said, “Kids say the darndest things.” After five days with my three grandkids I have some ‘sayings’ to add. (More)

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My son and daughter-in-law came up to camp with me this past weekend. They have three kids: ages six, four, and one. Most of the summer I am alone in a 30-foot camper. They have a nice tent but when it hit 36 degrees at night, we were all in my camper. The word ‘cozy’ doesn’t begin to cover it. I have a flexible schedule, but rather used to blogging at 5:30am and having coffee without the sound of the pot waking up five other people.

I am not used to hearing at 4am, “Nana, I peed on the floor.” Pause. “Oh and Nana, I peed on the door too.” This was from the four-year-old, on the first night when his parents were still tenting it.

On Saturday I suggested a family hike. This is a mile or so into a waterfall and I’ve done it before. I knew it was strenuous but my son was sure the family team could make it. At one point the four-year-old was too warm and removed his sweatshirt. Tying it around his waist had zero appeal so my son tied it around his neck. He piped up in a cute little falsetto and said, “Lunch at the club anyone?” Apparently he got the line from a movie but it cracked the rest of us up big time.

This little boy is privileged in so many ways and the idea that at four he could mock privilege was so rich. His parents don’t have a ‘club’ but they do belong to a community center with a pool and swimming lessons. I readily forgave him for the 4am peeing business.

At one point on the hike out I asked my son if he thought his kids could make it out. He said, “They will because they have to. There isn’t any other choice.”

He was carrying the youngest. Later my daughter-in-law was carrying four-year-old and I had the back pack. A bit later my son was also carrying the six-year-old for a bit. He had them singing songs and reciting poems. I was impressed. Great distraction and great way to shift the mood.

When we approached the parking lot, I was pooped. My son said, “Well we all made it and did what had to be done.”

Winning this election is about each of us, all of us doing what must be done, pooped or not. After Democrats win, we can have “lunch at the club.”

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