You’ve heard of the Rorschach Test where people see things in ink blots. I have invented a new version called the Rockschach Test. (More)

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I last wrote about rocks back in June. I have been playing with rocks off and on all summer. Before I go any further, look at this photo and think about what you see:

Photo from Aug 17, 2012

This is my latest rock person. Without being asked, campers and fellow hosts have volunteered who this “rocky” reminded them of. Several have said, “It reminds me of my grandma.” A couple of others have said, “Looks like Buddha.” I have one each for Aunt Jemima, Charlie Chan, Mitt Romney and “my ex-wife, she had a heart of stone.” Go figure.

I’m a long way from the years of projection research done by Rorschach and no way to access any other psychological profiles on my campers. I do find it very interesting that people see my rock person and volunteer their thoughts. One couple spent quite a bit of time talking with each other about it. She was convinced that the two side rocks were arms and he thought they were boobs. I declined to comment as their conversation was too good to interrupt.

The nice thing about this Rockschach test is that their are no wrong answers.

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