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After growing up in France, Mary Queen of Scots returned to Scotland today (1561). Also, Gervasio Antonio de Posadas joined Argentina’s Second Triumvirate (1813), the French government declared Louis Daguerre’s photographic process a gift “free to the world” (1839), John Tyndall, J.J. Bennen, and Ulrich Wenger reached the summit of the Weisshorn (1861), the Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted its first automobile race (1909), Afghanistan gained independence (1919), the first All-American Soap Box Derby was held in Dayton, Ohio (1934), the CIA and Britain’s MI6 helped overthrow Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh (1953), Japanese prime minister Eisaku Satō visited Okinawa (1965), Polish president Wojciech Jaruzelski nominated Solidarity activist Tadeusz Mazowiecki to be the nation’s first post-communist prime minister (1989), and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was placed under house arrest as part of the August Coup (1991). And the last U.S. combat brigades left Iraq (2010).

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