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Judge Won’t Block Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law

A state judge on Wednesday refused to block Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law. Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson’s 70-page order ruled that opponents of the law failed to establish “that disenfranchisement was immediate or inevitable.”

Wisconsin District Poised to Elect Two Gay House Members In A Row

One Wisconsin district is on track to become the first-ever House district to elect two openly gay representatives in a row.

Paul Ryan Can’t Escape Own Budget Package In Debut Solo Interview

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have insisted they’re not running on the House budget plan Ryan’s best known for. Romney has his own economic plans, vague as they may be, and his campaign has tried to emphasize they’re different from Ryan’s.

The Law – And Reality – Of Gun Access

Timothy Courtois’ family had been worried about him for weeks. They repeatedly told police in Biddeford, Maine, that the 49-year-old was off his meds for bipolar disorder. And police were also told he had guns. But still, because he wasn’t doing anything that rose to the legal definition of imminent threat, police said their hands were tied.

Leon Panetta says US does not believe Israel has decided to attack Iran

War with Iran would probably turn into a month-long conflict on various fronts with missile strikes on Israeli cities and some 500 dead, Israel‘s civil defence minister said in an interview published on Wednesday.

Analysis: Forget Drought, “demand rationing” is corn’s new master

(Reuters) – When all is said and done, predicting the damage done to U.S. corn and soy crops from the worst drought in half a century may have been the easy part.

Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way

(Reuters) – It’s been more than half a century since some of the first concept cars boasting self-driving features were presented to the world and they’re still not on the roads. But many auto executives say the industry is on the cusp of welcoming vehicles that make the idea of keeping both hands on the wheel an anachronism.

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