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Cleopatra committed suicide today, ending Egypt’s 300-year Ptolemaic dynasty (30 BCE). Also, the Treaty of NΓΆteborg established the border between Russia and Sweden (1323), France’s dΓ©partement of RhΓ΄ne-et-Loire was divided in two (1793), Isaac Singer patented his sewing machine (1851), the last quagga died at Amsterdam’s Artis Magistra Zoo (1883), the U.S. formally annexed the Republic of Hawaii on the same day an armistice ended the Spanish-American War (1898), NASA’s Echo 1A communications satellite was launched (1960), Japan and China signed the Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1978), the Montevideo Treaty formed the Latin American Integration Association (1980), the IBM Personal Computer was released (1981), Mexico’s announcement of default sparked the Latin American debt crisis (1982), Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. announced the North American Free Trade Agreement (1992), Major League Baseball players began a strike that would cancel the World Series (1994), and the Russian submarine Kursk exploded and sank during a training exercise in the Barents Sea (2000). And the bulk cargo ship M/V New Flame was partially submerged off the tip of Gibraltar after colliding with the oil tanker Tom Gertrud, prompting calls for better sea traffic control in the Straits (2007).

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