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Romney introduces VP pick Paul Ryan as part of ‘comeback team’ GOP ticket

Mitt Romney announced as his vice-presidential running mate Paul Ryan, a Congressman who established his reputation with a Tea Party-infused plan for massive debt cuts.

Syria crisis: US and Turkey consider no-fly zones

The United States and Turkey are considering imposing no-fly zones and other steps on Syria to help rebel forces, Hillary Clinton has announced.

Year Of The Women At The London Games? For Americans, It’s True

Every nation that sent a delegation to the London Games sent at least one female athlete — a first for the Olympics. This year’s Team USA has more female than male athletes — and the women have won nearly twice as many medals: 100 total medals, by my count, to 59 for the men.

Mars Curiosity’s Landing Was Almost Perfect, But Messy

On the fourth full day after the Mars Curiosity Rover landed on the surface of the Red Planet, NASA scientists finally have a clearer picture of just how the rover’s descent went, where it is located, and when it will begin its mission to explore the Martian geology for signs that the planet ever could’ve supported life.

Proposed Colorado Measure Would Effectively Ban Abortion

Laws increasing restrictions on abortion were passed at a record clip following the 2010 midterm elections, but seem to have cooled a bit as the 2012 election comes into focus. One organization in Colorado, however, wants to place the abortion discussion back on its state-wide agenda, and has, through a recent petition submission, slotted a measure on the state ballot that, if passed, would effectively eliminate abortion in the state.

Google’s Copyright Filtering Causes Concern

Google on Friday announced a potentially drastic change in its search engine: Beginning next week, Google will start adjusting search results — the list of links that a user gets after typing a search into Google — so that websites accused of copyright infringement appear further down in the list.

High Number of Swing-State Residents Watching Controversial Obama Super PAC Ad Online

An explosive Priorities USA ad has dominated the campaign this week, though it hasn’t aired once on TV. It is, however, still getting play in some crucial swing states.

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