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New Space Station Video Of Earth Shows Storms, City Light

While the world gawks and gushes over new images of Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover, NASA is not neglecting our own planet. Far from it: The agency on Wednesday released a new video composed of time-lapse photography of the Earth as seen by the International Space Station from its vantage point over 200 miles above the surface.

How Likely Is It That Romney Paid No Taxes?

By alleging that Mitt Romney effectively paid no federal taxes for 10 years, Harry Reid’s welcomed conservative scorn and managed to keep a story that’s unflattering to the GOP presidential candidate in the news.

Syrian rebels withdraw fighters from Aleppo stronghold

The Free Syrian Army has withdrawn all its main fighting units from its stronghold in the war-ravaged suburb of Salahedin in southern Aleppo.

Syria Crisis: Ban Ki-moon set to announce new peace envoy

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon has held talks with the Arab League in the hope of agreeing on a new Syrian peace envoy to replace Kofi Annan and keep open an alternative to the spiralling levels of violence.

Sinai clashes enter second day as Egypt clamps down on Islamist militants

Egyptian police have fought gunmen in the main northern Sinai town of al-Arish a day after security forces began a crackdown on Islamist militants in the region.

Blackberry maker RIM hits out at US patent system


BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has hit out at the US patent system after a judge overturned a lower court jury’s award of $147.2m against it in a patent fight against Mformation.

Women still favor Obama, but mothers less so

(Reuters) – Sarah Formato cuddled the whiny 3-year-old on her lap and cast her thoughts back to 2008, when she had voted for Barack Obama.

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