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Murfreesboro Mosque (Finally) Opening On Friday

After a two year legal battle, arson and a bomb threat, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro will finally open its doors on Friday after the Justice Department sued the county to allow the newly constructed mosque to open its doors.

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Log 300,000 Miles, Next Up: Snow, Work Commutes

Google’s driverless, or rather, self-driving, computer-controlled cars have reached a literal milestone: The experimental fleet of about a half-dozen cars has logged over 300,000 miles in test drives, Google announced in a blog poston Tuesday.

Let’s Catch Up: London Abuzz Over Women’s Soccer; Alternate Medal Count

Good morning. Only five days remain in the Summer Games, and China leads the United States in the medal count, with a total of 73 (34 gold) to America’s 71 (30 gold). Here’s other news that caught our eye this morning:

Japan’s Nuclear Debate Weighs Safety, Economics

At 6 p.m. every Friday — with the kind of precision timing the Japanese live by — the protests in downtown Tokyo begin.

The Thin Line Between Hate Speech And Real Threat

The gunman who police say killed six people in a Sikh temple Sunday had long been on the radar of groups that track white supremacists. But law enforcement sources say they never had enough material to open a formal investigation into Wade Page.

Situation In Sinai Is ‘Extremely Dangerous’ As Egypt Moves Against Militants

The news that Egypt’s military has attacked groups of what it says are “Islamist militants” in the Sinai with missiles from aircraft and shells fired from tanks underscores how “extremely dangerous” the situation has quickly become along that nation’s border with Israel, NPR’s Leila Fadel said earlier today on Morning Edition.

Sikh tenets of forgiveness and peace on display at vigil for Oak Creek victims

Some came in sorrow, some in solidarity. Many carried a niggling sense of shame.

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