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Karl Rove: Romney Blew It In London (Video)

Karl Rove said Mitt Romney’s London Olympics gaffe is not “a big deal” in the grand scheme of things, but the veteran Republican strategist is nonetheless one more political observer scratching his head at Romney’s mistake.

Obama Goes Positive, RNC Goes Negative In Opening Ceremony Campaign Ads

huge percentage of Americans plan to tune in for the London Olympics over the next couple weeks, making the Games a prime opportunity for the dueling presidential campaigns to appeal to the public.

Official Won’t Enforce Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Christopher Broach, a Democratic inspector of elections in Colwyn, Pa., says he won’t enforce Pennsylvania’s voter ID law.

Hot, Dry, Tapped Out: Drought Shrivels Fun, Too

The drought that’s hit huge swathes of the country is also draining the audiences for outdoor activities.

London Opening Ceremony Gets Rave Reviews; NBC, Not So Much

The London Olympics are in full swing, after an opening ceremony Friday that was chock-full of historic and cultural imagery drawn from Britain’s past. Critics are gushing over Queen Elizabeth’s role in the spectacle — along with James Bond. But there is room for debate — especially among viewers here in the U.S.

Chick-Fil-A Gay Flap A ‘Wakeup Call’ For Companies

Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A has long stood by its Bible-based roots, keeping stores closed on Sundays and donating millions to Christian causes. But when its president, Dan Cathy, went public to defend his company’s stance against gay marriage, he set off a considerable controversy that has everyone from politicians to puppets weighing in.

Blind South Korean archer smashes London Olympics’ first world record

South Korea claimed the first world records of London 2012 on Friday morning with a stunning display in the men’s archery ranking round at Lord’s.

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