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In Tennessee, A Rising Star Targeted By Anti-Muslim Smears

On September 13, 2001, Vanderbilt University held a “Come Together” ceremony on campus, as the community was just starting to process the horror of the 9/11 attacks. At the ceremony, a junior political science major stood up in front of thousands of her fellow students to deliver a speech.

China And Russia Veto U.N. Resolution Threatening Sanctions On Syria

China and Russia this morning vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that could permit sanctions against Syria unless the government of President Bashar Assad stops using weapons against civilians. This is the third time China and Russia have rebuffed measures pushed by the United States and its allies to try to bring a halt to Syria’s violent civil conflict.

Tennessee mosque allowed to open as federal judge overrules county

Muslims in a Tennessee congregation prepared for the holy month of Ramadan a day after a federal judge ruled they have a right to occupy their newly built mosque, overruling a county judge’s order that was keeping them out.

John McCain defends Huma Abedin from attacks by Michele Bachmann

John McCain
 took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to repudiate suggestions by his fellow Republican lawmaker, Michele Bachmann, that the family of a longtime aide to secretary of state Hillary Clinton had ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

US condom crackdown impeding efforts to prevent HIV, study finds

Police in major cities in the United States are criminalising women who carry a stock of condoms, making sex workers and their clients less likely to use them and increasing their risk of contracting HIV, says Human Rights Watch.

George Zimmerman’s Story Continues To Shift

George Zimmerman’s interview on Wednesday night with FOX News host Sean Hannity made it clear for the cable viewing nation that his story continues to shift in small but important ways.

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio denies racial profiling as lawsuit heads to court

For six years, the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America has vehemently denied allegations that his deputies racially profile Latinos in his trademark immigration patrols.

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