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Heated Emails Point To Growing Divide In Texas Education Board Elections

During his two-year tenure on the Texas State Board of Education, George Clayton was widely considered one of the committee’s more discerning, moderate GOP members. He’s supported evolutionary theory, come out as gay, and presented, according to the Texas Freedom Network, “a voice of sanity” — all of which may explain why Clayton finished third in the Republican primary for his Dallas-area seat in late May.

Nonpartisan Agreement: Most Campaign Money Is Wasted

Republican and Democratic strategists tell NPR that most of the estimated $4 billion to be spent by the campaigns, political action committees and others on the 2012 presidential race will make no difference in the outcome.

Who Killed Jean McConville? A Battle For IRA Secrets

A legal showdown is evolving. It affects an American university, the British government, a brutal Irish paramilitary organization and the murdered mother of 10 children.

Bashar al-Assad could face prosecution as Red Cross rules Syria is in Civil War

The International Committee of the Red Cross says Syria is now in a state of civil war, a definition it suggests could change the rules of engagement in the violence-ravaged country and help lay the ground for war crimes prosecutions.

Obama campaign tells Romney to ‘stop whining’ about Bain Capital attacks

Barack Obama
‘s campaign team rejected demands on Sunday that the president apologise over accusations that Mitt Romney lied about his time at Bain Capital and may have committed a crime.

North Korean military chief is removed in possible sign of power struggle

North Korea
‘s top military official has been removed from his post, media reports said on Monday, in what could be the start of a power struggle sparked by the regime’s young leader, Kim Jong-un.

Fifth Fatal Shark Attack Has Australia Reconsidering Great Whites’ Protections

There are shark encounters you may laugh at — such as the one we posted about last week. The reactions of a young woman and man when a bull shark steals a fish from the end of her line are wonderful.

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