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Obama To Romney On Bain: ‘The Buck Stops With You’

President Obama said Friday that Mitt Romney deserves to be held accountable for his work at Bain Capital during a leave of absence, and that issues surrounding the timing of his exit raise “legitimate questions.”

Mitt Romney Tries To Regain Offense, Offers Few Details On Bain

Mitt Romney offered up few new details on his role at Bain Capital and said that voters should not expect more information on his finances during a slate of primetime TV interviews.

Judges Seem Ready To Mess With Texas’ Voter ID Law

WASHINGTON — A panel of three federal judges in D.C. posed skeptical questions on Friday about Texas’ voter ID law during closing arguments in a trial about whether the measure is discriminatory.

U.N. Telecom Agency Releases Secret Treaty, Critics Unswayed

The International Telecommunications Union, the official United Nations telecommunications agency on Friday announced that it would soon be making public a document that could determine the future of the Internet, a document that had previously been restricted only to government officials and selected paying members.

George Zimmerman lawyers request replacement of judge

George Zimmerman
, the Florida man charged with second-degree murder in the killing of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, asked for a new judge in the case on Friday, accusing the incumbent of bias.

Syria used helicopters and tanks in Tremseh ‘massacre’, confirms UN

The head of the UN monitoring mission in Syria has said that helicopters and tanks were used to shell a town in the centre of the country before a massacre that is believed to have killed more than 140 people on Thursday.

Climate change campaigners cautioned over reaction to extreme weather

Climate change
 contrarians will dig in even deeper if campaigners try to use recent extreme weather like wildfires, drought and heatwaves as a call to action, a Republican global warming heretic has warned.

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