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Teen Years Pose New Risks For Kids Burn With HIV

The southern African nation of Botswana is grappling with a relatively new problem in the evolving AIDS pandemic: It now has a large group of HIV-positive adolescents.

Justice Department, Texas Face Off In Court Over Voter ID Law

The Justice Department and the state of Texas faced off at trial Monday over the state’s new voter identification law, which the Obama administration claims violates the federal Voting Rights Act.

Swing State TV Stations Spiking Ad Rates As Campaign Cash Pours In

Someone once said that owning a TV station is a license to print money. Now, that was before the advent of cable TV and computer screens and streaming video. But these are clearly good times for some stations, especially the ones in presidential battleground states.

Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years

Health officials in Florida hastened their closure of the nation’s only dedicated tuberculosis hospital on cost-cutting grounds as one of the worst outbreaks of the deadly disease in 20 years was taking a grip on the state, it has been revealed.

Egypt’s ruling generals warn Morsi to respect constitution

Egypt‘s military chiefs have warned the country’s president, Mohamed Morsi, to respect the constitution as they responded for the first time to a decree from him calling for the restoration of parliament.

Annan-Assad talks on Syria described as ‘constructive’

Kofi Annan
 has declared his third round of talks with Bashar al-Assad as “constructive” and suggested his stillborn plan to stop the violence inSyria may yet be revived.

Obama takes fight to Romney as he pushes tax cuts for middle class

Barack Obama
 has placed tax cuts at the centre of the presidential election campaign, presenting a stark choice between Democratscommitted to helping the working- and middle classes and a Republican challenger in Mitt Romney intent on protecting the wealthy.

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