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Scranton’s Public Workers Now Paid Minimum Wage

The city of Scranton, Pa., sent out paychecks to its employees Friday, like it does every two weeks. But this time the checks were much smaller than usual. Mayor Chris Doherty has reduced everyone’s pay — including his own — to the state’s minimum wage: $7.25 an hour.

Gridlock: Storms, Blackouts Expose Power Problems

As hundreds of thousands swelter without power a week after a violent storm pummeled the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, energy experts say the future will look even worse if the nation’s aging, congested electrical grid isn’t upgraded.

In Pa., Voter ID Law Already Changing Electoral Landscape

PITTSBURGH — Hundreds of thousands of potential voters here were left scrambling in the wake of Pennsylvania’s voter ID law — enough to prompt speculation as to whether the law could change the outcome of the election in November.

Boston College ordered to turn over IRA interviews to UK authorities

Boston College has again been ordered to hand over interviews it conducted with a convicted IRA terrorist to UK authorities after an appeal against the release was thrown out.

Libya Elections: polling station raids mar first vote since Gaddafi’s death

Federalists in eastern Libya attacked several polling stations on Saturday as the country voted in the historic first election since last year’s revolution and the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

Vladmir Putin flies to flood-hit southern Russia as death toll rises

Vladimir Putin has ordered investigators to find out if enough was done to prevent 144 people being killed in floods in southern Russia after flying to the region to deal with the first big disaster of his new presidency.

US bakes under heat wave as fears grow over rising death toll among elderly

Highways buckled in Wisconsin, water use was cut back in Indiana and those who had power in the mid-Atlantic were urged to conserve it, but the heat gripping much of the country was only expected to worsen Saturday.

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