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Pennsylvania Voter-ID Law Could Disenfranchise Up To 750,000

The impact of Pennsylvania’s new Voter-ID law could be much wider-reaching than the state’s Republican officials claimed when passing the bill, thePhiladelphia Inquirer reports.

Judge Calls Zimmerman A Manipulator But Grants Him $1 Million Bond Anyway

In the eyes of a Florida judge, George Zimmerman is a liar and manipulator who was likely planning to flee from prosecution earlier this year.

Europe and China cut interest rates while Bank of England extends QE

Central banks around the world signalled their determination to stimulate the flagging global economy on Thursday yesterday, with the injection of £50bn of electronic money into the UK and interest rate cuts in the eurozone and China.

Mexican vote recount confirms Pena Nieto win

The official count of Mexico‘s presidential election has confirmed the victory of Enrique Peña Nieto, the candidate seeking to return the former autocratic ruling party to power after a 12-year hiatus, the country’s electoral authority reported on Thursday night in a major step toward the resolution of the contested vote.

Fukushima reactor meltdown was a man-made disaster, says official report

Last year’s accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was a manmade disaster caused by poor regulation and collusion between the government, the operator and the industry’s watchdog, a report has said.

Federal Judge Richard Posner: The GOP Has Made Me Less Conservative

Judge Richard Posner, a conservative on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, has long been one of the nation’s most respected and admired legal thinkers on the right. But in an interview with NPR, he expressed exasperation at the modern Republican Party, and confessed that he has become “less conservative” as a result.

At Last, Superheavyweight Finds Her Olympic Niche

Near the back of the North YMCA in Columbus, Ohio, several men and women line up on a row of beat-up platforms. They take turns practicing the two lifts that make up Olympic weightlifting; the “Snatch,” and the “Clean and Jerk.”

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