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Michigan’s Republican Governor Vetoes Voter ‘Fraud’ Bills

Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has vetoed a set of bills passed by his state’s Republican-controlled legislature, which aimed to crack down on alleged voter fraud. Snyder said in voiding the measures that they could cause confusion among voters

Scientists say ongoing weather extremes offer proof of climate change

The bizarre weather of early summer in the US – from heatwave,wildfires, drought to freak storms – is just a sampling of what is to come for 2012 and a window to the future under climate change, scientists have said.

Pakistan ends dispute over Nato supply routes after Hillary Clinton apology

Pakistan has agreed to allow US forces to reopen supply lines across its border into Afghanistan, ending a seven-month dispute that had strained relations between Washington and Islamabad.

Chicago to get hyper-connected under Rahm Emanuel’s grand Wi-Fi plan

Rahm Emanuel, the hyperactive mayor of Chicago, is drawing up plans that would transform the city into one of the most wired urban centres in the world and affirm its status as the broadband backbone of America.

Iran nuclear talks restart as tensions rise in Gulf

Talks have begun in Istanbul between Iranian scientists and their counterparts from six major powers in an attempt to resolve an impasse over Iran‘s nuclear aspirations, as both Tehran and Washington raised the military stakes in a perilous standoff in the Gulf.

Assad says he regrets Syria forces shot down Turkish fighter jet

Bashar al-Assad has said that Syrian air defence forces shot down a Turkish fighter last week because they believed it was an Israeli aircraft and expressed the hope that tensions would not escalate further.

More than a million still without power as temperatures rise on US east coast

The relentless heat that has gripped the US east coast showed no sign of abating on Tuesday, as power companies warned that some people may be without electricity into next week.

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