How much trouble can one camper cause? Read on to find out. (More)

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I was sitting visiting with one of my son’s friends who was passing through when a Forest Service person stopped by with signs asking me where I wanted them posted. The signs asked that campers not bathe or shampoo their hair in the lake. I told Lynn where there were already posts and asked how the problem had come to her attention. Turns out a couple of her coworkers were having lunch at my beach area and witnessed campers soaping up in the swimming area. This happens at least once a year. I asked if she knew who was washing up so I could go visit with them. She mentioned a state’s license plate which I am not mentioning because not everyone from that state is clueless.

Slow forward a couple of hours and the same state’s license plate is mentioned for two dogs on the loose. A Brittany spaniel and a golden retriever puppy are making the rounds. Other campers are not pleased. The same campers report these dogs down on the swimming beach. There are two signs that say, “no dogs allowed” to stop people from taking their dogs swimming.

Next a camper appears having lost his dogs and wants help. You guessed it, the same two dogs. I grab my bag of “Beggin Strips” and head out in search of the dogs. Their owner goes one way and I go the other.

Eventually I catch one dog and he captures the other one. As he is staking them out at his camp site, I am about to let fly when a beautiful young woman steps out of the tent. He grins and says, “Meet my wife. We are on our honeymoon and our dogs are still getting used to each other.” He shrugs.

I offer them my best wishes and then let them know that we have had two bear sightings in the campground in the last couple of days. I remind them not to keep any food in their tents but to put it back in their vehicle. I also ask them to keep their dogs tied up because a bear might think of them as food. I wonder if they are listening. They are oblivious, but they are only with me for one night. Tomorrow they are heading into the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) Wilderness. I wish them luck!

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