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The Union of Lublin established the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth today (1569). Also, Lexell’s Comet missed the Earth by less than 1.5 million miles (1770), England and Wales began civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths (1837), both Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Russel Wallace’s papers on evolution were read to the Linnean Society (1858), the Russian State Library was founded (1862), the Netherlands abolished slavery in Suriname (1863), the Department of Justice was established (1870), Prince Edward Island joined the Canadian Confederation (1873), Canada joined the Universal Postal Union (1878), SOS became the international distress signal (1908), the Canadian Parliament suspended Chinese immigration (1923), Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local police ambushed strikers participating in the On-to-Ottawa-Trek (1935), the Australian Federal Government abolished Australian state income taxes (1942), Tokyo City merged into the Tokyo Prefecture (1943), the International Geophysical Year began (1957), Somalia and Ghana (1960) as well as Rwanda and Burundi (1962) gained their independence, the U.S. Postal Service introduced ZIP Codes (1963), the Common Market, European Coal and Steel Community, and European Atomic Energy Commission merged into the European Community (1967), O Canada officially became Canada’s national anthem (1980), the Motion Picture Association of America adopted the PG-13 rating (1984), the Warsaw Pact officially dissolved (1991), the Scottish Parliament officially opened (1999), and the International Criminal Court was established (2002). And England banned smoking in all indoor public spaces (2007).

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