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CNN, Fox News Bungle Supreme Court Coverage (Video)

In the mad dash to report the Supreme Court’s historic health care ruling before the competition, CNN and Fox News got a bit ahead of themselves.

Hot Stuff: Hubble Spots Planet With Atmosphere That Boils Off

As we’ve said before: As hot as it may be outside, it could be worse. Earth could be much closer to the Sun, for example — so close that our atmosphere would actually boil off.

Julian Assange told to turn himself in at London police station

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been served with a police letter saying he has to present himself to a London police station on Friday, according to sources.

Obama hails supreme court’s health care ruling as a victory for America

Barack Obama‘s re-election hopes received a major boost on Thursday when the US supreme court upheld his landmark healthcare reforms in a historic ruling the president hailed as a victory for the entire country.

Rupert Murdoch snubs Britain and says he will invest his billions in the US

Rupert Murdoch appears to have turned his back on Britain following his humiliation over the phone-hacking scandal.

Colorado wildfires leave one dead but wind turns in firefighters’ favour

One person has died in the Colorado Springs wildfires that officials say are the most destructive in the state’s history.

Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress after historic vote

The attorney general Eric Holder has become the first sitting member of a president’s cabinet in US history to be held in contempt of Congress after Republicans vented their fury over a bungled gun-tracking investigation

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