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Obama Email Sets DCCC Single-Day Fundraising Record

Vulnerable Democrats in tight races — like Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill —might be downplaying their enthusiasm for President Obama, but a fundraising email sent Monday shows Democratic donors are still excited by the president.

White House ‘Pleased’ With Senate Deal On Student Loans

The White House is “pleased” that Senate leaders have reached a deal on student loan interest rates, per a statement from Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Particle Accelerator Sets Record For Hottest Man-Made Temperature: 7.2 Trillion Degrees

It’s hot out there, but not as hot as it could be. Indeed, few things are any match for the recently announced Guinness World Record for hottest temperature ever achieved by humankind: An unfathomably scorching 7.2 trillion degrees fahrenheit (4 trillion degrees celsius), attained by a particle accelerator on Long Island in New York.

Why Protesting Postal Workers Chose A Hunger Strike

Despite reports that a bit of starvation is just what the doctor ordered, a few of the postal workers expressing their dismay at Congress with a hunger strike are a little nervous.

Turkey threatens Syria with military retaliation over downed jet

Turkey‘s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has threatened Syriawith retaliation for the shooting down of a military jet, and warned that Turkish armed forces would respond to any Syrian encroachment on their joint border.

Israel subjecting Palestinian children to ‘spiral of injustice’

A belief that every Palestinian child is a potential terrorist may be leading to a “spiral of injustice” and breaches of international law in Israel‘s treatment of child detainees in military custody, a delegation of eminent British lawyers has concluded in an independent report backed by the Foreign Office.

Tropical storm Debby finishes its wet slog across Florida as system weakens

Tropical storm Debby weakened as it drifted eastward over Florida on Tuesday, dumping more rain on flooded areas and sending thousands of people fleeing from rising rivers.

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