How much of what you do each day is weather dependent? Think carefully before you answer. (More)

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When I worked in and with corporate America, my day was mostly driven by a schedule. I noticed the weather if it was severe in some fashion and would create problems getting to work or getting home. My work was not weather dependent. My cousin the farmer used to laugh at my weather concerns and give me an earful about what watching the weather meant to a farmer.

I worked for a catalog/internet retailer for 6 years. Rather than expanding our call centers in Minnesota during the period from Halloween to Christmas – the time frame where sales would make or break our year – I argued, based on weather, that we needed to be in another weather area to minimize the risk of being totally shut down at a critical time. At first my peers were incredulous. Weather as a site selection criteria? Seriously?

I reminded them of the Halloween Blizzard of 1991. It started on October 31 and ended on November 3. More than 3 feet of snow paralyzed most of the state. The hardy Minnesota ethic of surviving and enjoying winter was severely tested. I was not the only person who cross country skied to the grocery store.

Now I am retired from corporate life and a camp ground host. Initially I planned my duties as if I was still being run by a schedule. Oops, didn’t work that way for long. I now grab my lawn mower or weed whip and head out to cut when it is not raining. It has rained here a lot. I cut the unoccupied sites in random order. It doesn’t matter what day it is, if it isn’t raining I’m out there. We just had four days of rain. It was the same weather system that caused the flooding in Duluth, MN.

If extreme weather is one of the signs of climate change, many Minnesotans are now believers. We are all weather dependent. It affects our food supply, our commutes, our daily tasks, our insurance rates, our utility bills… weather affects us all. I’d argue that we are all weather dependent. Only a fool or a GOP denier would argue otherwise.

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