As a camp ground host, I spend the early evening hours sitting outside waiting for campers to stop by with questions or to buy firewood. (More)

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I thought to put the time sitting to some good use and bought myself a slingshot. I’ve always wanted one and my camp site has lots and lots of little stones. I’ve spent my time shooting stones at a plastic watering bucket about 30 feet away from my lawn chair. Not being a physicist, I am mastering the slingshot through trial and error. Actually, I’m not sure that a physicist would do any better. There are lots of variables. The angle at which the sling shot is held, the size and shape of the rock, the weight of the rock, how far the elastic is pulled back, etc. I started trying to sight the watering can through the opening of the sling shot but switched to looking at the target.

After a week I could hit the can about one out of every 15 or 20 tries. It makes a most satisfying noise. Yesterday a little field mouse stopped in front of the can. He was unconcerned as little stones hit the ground around him. He did stop and look up at me as if daring me to hit him. I’m not fond of mice and I am highly motivated to not have them inside my camper. Outside I usually just chase them off. I am basically live and let live but that little mouse dared me. Dared me I say.

As a former Human Resources person I know the value of motivation. I’d been stewing, well obsessing really, about the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the PPACA when I hit on the idea of naming the mouse Scalia. I didn’t name him Romney. Romney is unemployed and Scalia has a life time appointment. Elect Romney and you’ll get another Scalia. Anyway, I became more determined to hit the little critter. I got him on the third try.

The mouse named Scalia staggered off into the woods and I cheered.

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