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This week I attended my county Democratic Party steering committee meeting. We agreed to coordinate with OFA on voter registration drives and discussed our fundraising and voter outreach plans for this campaign season. The Florida Democratic Party’s top voter outreach priority is voting by mail. Florida law allows any registered voter to enroll for vote by mail, and those who do are far more likely to become “super voters” who vote in every election and for every race and issue on the ballot. Voting by mail is one of our most effective GOTV tools.

The first phase of our county’s vote by mail campaign will be calling registered Democrats who voted by mail in 2008 and/or 2010 but have not yet re-enrolled to do so in 2012. I built virtual phone banks to help our Democratic Executive Committee members re-enroll voters by mail in their precincts, and will offer virtual phone bank training in tonight’s DEC general meeting. Later this month our phone banks will expand to re-enroll Democratic voters by mail in open precincts, and in the next phase our phone banks will enroll newly-registered Democrats in our county to vote by mail. Our goal is to exceed our vote by mail enrollment from 2008, as part of our effort to turn our county blue in 2012.