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Sen. Sherrod Brown On JP Morgan’s Trading Mess: ‘These Banks Are Not Just Too Big To Fail, They’re Too Big To Manage’

The ill-advised trade that recently cost JP Morgan Chase billions of dollars has refocused some of the federal government’s attention back on Wall Street and the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. The White House has said that it will push harder to implement a robust version of the Volcker Rule, which is meant to rein in banks’ risky trading.

Teen Pregnancy Negatively Impacts The National Economy

The negative economic effect that teen pregnancy has on young mothers also impacts the nation’s economy as a whole, according to a report from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Obamacare Regulations Will Lead To More Comprehensive Insurance For Students

The Affordable Care Act expands health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans and creates minimum requirements of what insurance plans must cover. And enforcing the basic standards is causing the end of limited-benefit plans that capped benefits and don’t meet ACA guidelines, leaving consumers with better health care options. But according to the Wall Street Journal, this is leading a few colleges to drop their low quality, low cost student insurance plans in isolated cases because those types of plans are being phased out by the more comprehensive standards:

Hate Group Places ‘Bullseye’ On Target For Supporting Families With Pride T-Shirts

It seems that the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins finally got the memo about which LGBT organization Target is supporting with 100 percent of the sales of its LGBT pride month t-shirts. Today, Perkins sent out an “alert” email entitled “Put a bullseye on Target’s funding of left-wing group,” decrying the Family Equality Council for allegedly “shutting down Christian based adoption agencies”:

WATCH: A Dallas Pastor’s Inspiring Endorsement of Marriage Equality

Pastor Frederick Haynes of the Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas gave a powerful sermon in support of President Obama’s recent endorsement of marriage equality. Haynes notes that during his oath of office, Obama vowed to uphold the constitution, not the Bible. During his sermon, which criticized both fellow pastors and the congregation for their condemnation of marriage equality, “the congregation stood up and shouted their disapproval at him.” Haynes argued that the congregation should change its views

Are State-Sponsored Hackers Targeting Your Gmail?

This week Google announced [1] that it would notify Gmail users if they might be the target of a “state-sponsored attack” — an apparent attempt by a government to hack an email account.

Muslim Brotherhood still can’t win the backing of Egypt’s revolutionaries

CAIRO —A campaign play for the votes of Egypt’s taxi drivers by presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik says much about the final days of this country’s first democratic presidential election.

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