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Suicide Rate In Military At Highest Level In Ten Years

NATO combat operations in Afghanistan are expected to draw to a close by the middle of next year and the U.S. completed its withdrawal of troops from Iraq last December. But while fewer American soldiers are in the line of fire each day, new Pentagon statistics show that an average of one military suicide occurred each day in the first six months of 2012, the fastest pace in the past ten years.

30 Elected Florida Republicans Stop Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

Wednesday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced he would defy the Department of Justice and push forward with his purge of thousands of registered voters. The process has targeted hundreds of fully eligible U.S. voters.

Yet Another Poll Shows Justices’ Approval Rating Tanking

The Supreme Court’s approval ratings have historically been much more resilient than the two other branches of government’s polls. In the lead up to and immediate wake of the Affordable Care Act arguments in the Supreme Court, however, numerous polls showed the public’s approval of the justices in decline. A unifiying theme behind many of these polls is that the public increasingly views the Supreme Court as a partisan entity imposing its own policy preferences on the country, and not as fair and neutral judges.

Romney Says America Doesn’t Need ‘More Firemen, More Policemen, More Teachers’

The last three years are the worst on record for public sector job loss, and the 700,000 government jobs that no longer exist remain a large drag on the American economy.

Verizon To Lay Off 1,700 Workers After Paying CEO $22 Million Last Year

America’s largest wireless service provider plans to cut 1,700 jobs by offering its technicians and call center employees buyouts. Verizon Communications announced last week that it would reduce its nationwide workforce by 1 percent, and if enough workers don’t accept the buyouts, it will resort to involuntary layoffs.

Spain bailout terms ‘to be agreed within a week’

The first planks in a dramatic bailout for Spain will be bolted together this weekend, with a final figure on the size of the rescue package to be ready within a week, according to sources in Brussels and Madrid.

Still Risky: An Update on the Safety and Transparency of Checking Accounts

In this update to Hidden Risks: The Case for Safe and Transparent Checking Accounts (April 2011), Pew’s Safe Checking in the Electronic Age Project continues its study of checking account terms and conditions to examine both the state of the marketplace and the effect of current regulations. This study revisits and expands on the original research of the 10 largest banks by collecting additional data found online from the 12 largest banks and the 12 largest credit unions (as determined by their domestic deposit volumes). There continue to be key banking practices that put consumers at financial risk and potentially expose them to high and unexpected costs for little benefit.

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