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Final poll before new Greek vote foresees a left-wing victory

ATHENS, Greece — A leftist political party that has rejected an austerity agreement that Greece struck last year in exchange for a bailout from the European Union seems likely to win parliamentary elections later this month, according to the last poll that can be published ahead of the June 17 vote.

Alleged hacker claims to have broken into Romney’s email account

WASHINGTON —An anonymous hacker claimed to have broken into Mitt Romney’s personal email account Tuesday, allegedly gaining access by guessing the answer to the security question, “What is your favorite pet?”

Appeals court refuses to review ruling on California’s Proposition 8

SACRAMENTO, Calif. —A federal appeals court Tuesday refused to revisit its February ruling striking down California’s ban on gay marriage, marking another in a series of legal victories for gay-rights proponents and setting up a possible U.S. Supreme Court showdown.

When is a campaign donation a bribe? Supreme Court may decide

WASHINGTON —  Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was charged with bribery and sent to prison because, prosecutors said, a wealthy hospital executive gave him $500,000 in exchange for appointing him to a state hospital planning board.

N.C. House approves measure compensating victims of eugenics programs

RALEIGH, N.C. —The North Carolina House approved in an 86-31 vote Tuesday a measure that will compensate people sterilized by a state authority over four decades.

Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, defeats recall bid

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a national symbol of conservative heroism – and labor union and liberal disdain – Tuesday overcame a spirited Democratic effort to recall him from office.

Thorny human rights reform put off at OAS meeting

(Reuters) – The Organization of American States (OAS) delayed on Tuesday the controversial reform of its human rights panel, which a growing number of Latin American nations have criticized.

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