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Kraków, Poland was incorporated today (1257). Also, the Great Lakes’ first paddle steamer, Frontenac, was launched (1817), Houston, Texas was incorporated (1837), Denmark adopted her first constitution (1849), Harriet Beecher Stowe’s ten-month serial Uncle Tom’s Cabin premiered in the National Era (1851), the first regularly-scheduled Orient Express left Paris (1883), Denmark amended her constitution to extend voting to women (1910), Louis Brandeis was sworn in as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1916), Secretary of State George Marshall announced his plan for aid to war-torn Europe (1947), Orapin Chaiyakan was elected as the first Thai female member of Thailand’s Parliament (1949), Singapore’s first government was sworn in (1959), Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated (1968), Idaho’s Teton Dam collapsed (1976), the Apple II personal computer went on sale (1977), the first cases of AIDS were reported (1981), the Unknown Rebel stood in front of a Chinese tank in Tienanmen Square (1989), and the first Bose-Einstein Condensate was created (1995). And Serbia declared her independence from Serbia-and-Montenegro (2006).

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