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Battles Over Voter ID Laws Intensify

As both parties turn to the general election, and the potentially pivotal role of minority voters, battles over voter identification and other new state election laws are intensifying.

Some U.S. Conservatives See Obama In France’s Hollande

The election of socialist Francois Hollande as France’s new president has leached into the U.S. election as some conservatives view it as giving them an opening to attack President Obama who, along with his agenda, has been labeled socialistic by many on the right.

Elizabeth Warren Leaps Over Primary Challenge In Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren will not have to face a Democratic primary challenger in the Massachusetts Senate race. At the state’s Democratic Convention today, Warren secured more than 95 percent of the delegate vote.

Coalition raid frees 4 aid workers in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Special forces from the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan stormed a mountain hideout in the remote northeastern province of Badakhshan early Saturday, freeing four aid workers and killing their captors.

Thousands protest as Mubarak life sentence fails to satisfy Egypt’s revolutionaries

CAIRO — Tens of thousands of people converged on Cairo’s Tahrir Square Saturday night, not to celebrate the life sentence handed to deposed President Hosni Mubarak earlier in the day, but to try to resurrect a revolution that has suffered two major setbacks in a week – a presidential election in which no revolutionary candidate made it into the runoff and now a verdict that many feared would be overturned on appeal.

All 67 Florida Election Supervisors Suspend Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

On Thursday, the Justice Department demanded Florida Governor Rick Scott end his extensive purge of registered voters from the rolls because it was in violation of federal law. Scott still hasn’t formally responded but his county election supervisors have already taken action.

Romney Won’t Help 11.5 Million Americans With Underwater Mortgages, Top Adviser Says

Mitt Romney won’t offer “targeted relief for the 11.5 million American homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth,” Lanhee Chen, his campaign’s policy director, told Bloomberg’s Al Hunt. Chen described such policies as insufficient for stabilizing the housing market:

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