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French King Henry III laid the first stone of Paris’ Pont Neuf today (1578). Also, Lady Godiva took her probably mythical ride (1678), President George Washington signed the Copyright Act (1790), France abolished civil death (1854), New York City’s Gilmores Garden was renamed Madison Square Garden and opened (1879), the National Negro Committee, now the NAACP, was formed (1909), the Union of South Africa was formed (1910), Mickey Mouse talked in “The Karnival Kid” (1929), the Union of South Africa became the Republic of South Africa (1961), the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System was completed (1977), and Vanity Fair revealed that former FBI Associate Director Mark Felt was Bob Woodward’s anonymous source “Deep Throat” (2005). And anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder murdered physician George Tiller (2009).

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