Romney included Ann Coulter in a campaign ad. Does he agree with her extremist views? (More)

You can tell a lot about a political candidate by the people and organizations that they choose to align themselves with. And for Mitt “Severe Conservative” Romney, few things tell us more about his inability and unwillingness to stand up to the reactionary extremists that have taken over the GOP than his embrace of Ann Coulter.

Coulter, of course, is the conservative firebrand who regularly launches vitriolic attacks on Democrats, liberals, and others in her regular appearances on television and through the eight books published under her name. Coulter endorsed Romney’s Presidential campaigns in both 2008 and 2012, regularly speaks up for his campaign in her weekly column, and promoted Romney’s 2012 campaign in her speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee (“CPAC”).

Now a political candidate cannot and should not be held responsible for everything that everyone who claims to be a supporter says or does. But in this case, Romney has embraced Coulter’s support, even launching a commercial in Iowa during the primaries that included a clip of Coulter speaking favorably about Romney.

As such, it is appropriate to ask Romney just how many of Coulter’s beliefs and statements he agrees with. For example, does Romney agree with Coulter that:

Today’s Republican Party has been taken over by reactionary extremists, such as Ann Coulter. As we’ve explained previously, Mitt Romney has plainly decided that rather than try to bring the Republican Party back to some semblance of rationality, he is more than willing to cheer on the crazy in a desperate attempt to become President. With Romney’s embrace of Ann Coulter, we have seen yet another example of the type of severely conservative viewpoints Romney would promote, rather than stand up to, if he were to become President.


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