Hotmail thinks my friends are boring. Hotmail is wrong. (More)

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Your friends aren’t doing anything interesting.

That comment appeared at the bottom of my Hotmail page the other day. I don’t use Hotmail as a social networking hub. My contact list is not huge unless you count every Democrat who gave my address to every other Democrat who needs money. I can tell without looking at the date that we are getting to month-end or quarter-end because apparently Democrats can almost make it to the end of the month before needing more money.

For some reason the audacity of Hotmail to tell me that my friends weren’t doing anything interesting ticked me off. It might also be 10 straight days of rain. I assume that Hotmail wrote that because they don’t have any data on my friends and wanted me to be curious rather than PO’d.

Without the help of any social networks for information, I can reassure you my friends are doing interesting things.

Three friends stayed up late the other night around a bonfire to answer the question about which animals, bears or wolves, were disturbing the camp ground garbage. Bears are taking the bags and cans into the woods and the wolves follow along afterwards and pick up what the bears didn’t eat. Interesting bit of cooperation there.

Several younger friends competed in a Tough Mudder. “Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.” There are no times because the goal is to help each other and make sure everyone finishes. I think it is interesting but kind of crazy.

I have lots of activist friends who are actively working now for the elections in June (Wisconsin) and in November (everywhere else.) I have more friends who are working to defeat the marriage inequality amendment in Minnesota. I have another group of activist friends who are working to keep fracking and sulfide mining out of the Boundary Waters. They are all interesting and passionate people.

I have a group of quilting friends who make quilts for emergency services people to pass out after fires or other disasters. Our quilts aren’t award winners but they warm a lot of hearts and bodies. My quilting friends are interesting women and where I get my local gossip.

I have friends who are writing novels, blogging, looking for new jobs, trying to quit smoking, riding mountain bikes, doing yoga, beginning gardening, trying new recipes and all sorts of interesting things.

Your friends aren’t doing anything interesting. Really?

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