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Hernando de Soto landed at Tampa Bay in search of gold today (1539). Also, France’s La Gazette premiered (1631), Ontario’s Rideau Canal opened (1832), Portuguese Minister of Justice Joaquim António de Aguiar seized all convents, monasteries, colleges, and other property belonging to religious orders (1834), Westminster Palace’s Big Ben rang for the first time (1859), the Paris Commune fell (1871), the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated (1922), the Auckland Harbour Bridge opened (1959), assassination ended the 30-year reign of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo (1961), Surveyor 1 was launched to explore the Moon (1966), and Mariner 9 was launched to explore Mars (1971). And Chinese student demonstrators unveiled the 33-foot tall “Goddess of Liberty” statue in Tiananmen Square (1989).

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