What do a woodland parasite, text messaging, reading glasses, and an early 60s musical classic have in common? (More)

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It is tick season in the north woods. I am really not fond of ticks or really any other blood sucking parasites that want to attach themselves to my body. I deal with ticks by pinching or plucking them off or in a pinch using a blown out match head to zap them. I have no tenderhearted feelings for ticks and if they stay in the woods, we’re fine. I had just plucked several ticks off myself. I am very focused on tick removal, obsessive even.

Another critical piece of information: I have better than 20/20 distance vision but need reading glasses. I remembered that when a clever friend texted me a ribald ditty to be sung to the tune of “Duke of Earl.” I don’t have a smart phone, so replied with “Stick-a-Tick” because that’s what I was doing and it was somewhat in keeping with the original text … which had something to do with a duck.

My friend replied with this:

Stick, stick, stick
Stick-a-tick, tick, tick
Stick-a-tick, tick, tick

The very good news about this – other than your ear worm for the “Duke of Earl” – is that the break allowed me to realize that I was, not wearing my reading glasses, attempting to remove not a tick but a mole that I was probably born with.

I do have good enough friends here that if I saw a tick attached to my back and unreachable, I could get help. My sister ended up at urgent care to have a tick removed from her back and it cost her $350. Yikes!

So get those ticks before they stick, and enjoy this marvelous song by the inimitable Gene Chandler:

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