This weekend’s offerings include Romney’s billionaires, wrongful convictions, progressive economics, and more. (More)

Romney sugar daddy

Right-Wing Billionaires Behind Mitt Romney – an overview of some of the key billionaires who are financing the SuperPACs behind Romney’s presidential campaign, and what those billionaires are expecting to get from their campaign investments.

How Markets Crowd Out Morals – a forum about the impacts on society of the expansion of markets into virtually every aspects of our lives, and an evaluation of what the proper role of markets should be.

Exonerations in the United States: 1989-2012 – A report issued by the National Registry of Exonerations describing the 873 known exonerations of wrongfully convicted prisoners between 1989 and 2012, and identifying the key factors that likely led to the wrongful convictions to begin with. At the Registry website, you can also find out details about each of the 873 exonerations that have occurred over that time period.

The Origins and Evolution of Progressive Economics – an interesting discussion of the origins, bases, and values of progressive economics, defined as an effort to strike “a proper balance between private and public action to ensure greater stability and equitable growth in the economy and better achieve national goals.” This is part seven of the Center for American Progress’ seven-part Progressive Traditions series.

20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results – with much of the media obsessed with “horse race” type coverage of politics, we are sure to be flooded with a plethora of often conflicting poll results about campaigns and policy issues. This handy guide provides some good suggestions regarding how to evaluate such polling results for accuracy, validity, and importance.