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Peter the Great founded Saint Petersburg today (1703). Also, the Great Hall of London’s Euston Station opened (1849), a tornado killed over 250 people in St. Louis and East St. Louis (1890), Ford stopped producing the Model-T and began retooling for the Model-A (1927), New York City’s Chrysler Building opened (1930), President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Federal Securities Act (1933), the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the National Industrial Recovery Act (1935), the Golden Gate Bridge opened to pedestrian traffic (1937), the top-40 format reached Canada with Toronto’s CHUM-AM (1957), the Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire started (1962), Australians passed a the Constitutional Alternation for Aboriginals by referendum (1967), Nintendo released the Dragon Warrior video role-playing game (1986), and Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after falling in a riding competition (1995). And the Tunisian Community Center organized the first Tunisian American Day (2005).

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