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Abraham Ortelius issued the first modern atlas today (1570). Also, William Shakespeare’s sonnets were published (1609), fire damaged the York Minster cathedral (1840), President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act (1862), Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented blue jeans with copper rivets (1873), the signing of the Metre Convention created the International System of Units (1875), Thomas Edison revealed a prototype of his kinetoscope (1891), Cuba gained her independence (1902), Norman Rockwell debuted on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post (1916), Montréal’s XWA introduced regularly-scheduled radio programming (1920), the Treaty of Jedda recognized the sovereignty of what is now Saudi Arabia (1927), Science published Luc Montagnier’s discovery of the HIV virus (1983), and Radio Marti began broadcasting to Cuba (1985). And the U.S. Supreme Court held in Romer v. Evans that Colorado could not forbid city, county, or town ordinances protecting LGBT equality (1996).

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