How many of our problems are caused by government, and by which kind of government? Take a little quiz…. (More)

President Ronald Reagan famously said, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

What Reagan didn’t say is which party in government is the problem. His line is so familiar that it has come to be seen as ‘the truth’ by many of “We the People.” This game is designed to help you decide, based on information and facts, if you’d like to be more specific about which part of government or which party is your problem.

For the sake of this game, you agree as a player that telling the truth matters and that facts matter. A good story may feel good but if it is lie, you’ve been conned. The real question is, “If facts matter, can you change your mind?”

1. Debt, Debt, Debt

Mitt Romney told a story about Obama’s “prairie fire” of debt sweeping across the plains. Rank the following choices in terms of; 1 contributed the most to our deficit and 4 contributed the least:

____ TARP, FreddieMac and Fannie Mae

____ The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

____ The Bush tax cuts

____ The Economic Downturn

See the answer here.

2. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Which President increased the size of the federal workforce the most (Choose one)

____ President George W. Bush

____ President Barack Obama

Under which President were the most jobs created in the private sector? (choose one)

____ President George W. Bush

____ President Barack Obama

See the answers here.

3. Tax cuts. Tax cuts. Tax cuts.

The real question isn’t whether or not to cut or raise taxes but on whom and how much? So under the GOP and Democratic tax proposals, who benefits? Pick the proposal you would most like to see enacted.

____ President Obama’s proposals protect the middle class tax cuts and raise taxes on the richer Americans (i.e. the Buffet rule)

____ Candidate Romney’s tax proposals give more cuts to higher income Americans and make the middle class pay more.

Their proposals compared here.

The factual answers are in the links beneath each question. The answers to whether voters can change their minds based on facts is a whole other story. My answer is that government is the problem when Republicans govern. Your mileage may differ.