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In Florida, Registering Voters A Whole New Game

Six months before the presidential election, the Florida ground game is already under way.

In political terms, the ground game is the process of mobilizing voters and getting them to the polls. And the first step is registering people to vote.

But in Florida this year, there are tough new restrictions on groups that conduct voter registration drives. The restrictions already appear to be having an impact on the number of people who are registering to vote.

Reports: JPMorgan’s Losses Could Top $4 Billion; Three Execs To Resign

Three high-ranking executives, including one of the most powerful women on Wall Street, are expected to resign from JPMorgan Chase this week because of their roles in the $2.3 billion loss the bank recently suffered when some risky trades blew up in its face.

Dozens More Murdered In Mexico; Count Of Headless Bodies May Near 70

Few headlines are more horrific than this:

49 Headless Bodies Dumped In Mexican Town.”

After 42 years in House, Charles Rangel might lose primary

NEW YORK —  With the help of a walker and staffers, Rep. Charles Rangel gingerly made his way recently to the foot of a statue of 19th-century abolitionist Frederick Douglass near his Harlem power base and proclaimed himself fit and ready to fend off the Democratic challengers who are looking to end his four-decade run in Congress.

IRS crackdown on foreign assets leading many to renounce U.S. citizenship

A growing number of U.S. citizens who live abroad and have bank accounts there are making a radical decision to avoid paying taxes: They’re giving up their U.S. citizenship.

Obama raps Romney on tenure at Bain, GOP hits Obama on the deficit

President Obama‘s re-election campaign is out with a new ad, video and website that bashes Mitt Romney‘s tenure at Bain Capital, saying his “pattern was to reap quick profits for himself and his investors at the expense of workers and communities.”

Key Afghanistan peace envoy, Mawlawi Arsala Rahmani, gunned down in Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan —  Unknown assailants on Sunday shot and killed a senior Afghan peace negotiator, government officials said, in the latest major blow to President Hamid Karzai’s two-year-old effort to negotiate a truce with insurgents.

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