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Gay marriage support: Obama’s most courageous move

(CNN) — President Barack Obama’s blockbuster announcement that he is in favor of full marriage equality is the most courageous thing he has done since he entered the White House three and a half years ago.

The Most Bitter GOP Reactions to Obama’s Gay Marriage Announcement

A number of supporters and opponents of gay marriage on the right came together on Wednesday in a rare show of unity to slam President Obama’s announcement that he supports marriage rights for all. Here are a few of the most bitter emerging themes.

Romney Gets Testy After Questions on Gay Marriage, DREAM and Pot

Mitt Romney would like to talk about the economy. He would apparently prefer not to talk about marriage equality, education for the children of illegal immigrants or medical marijuana. In an interivew with a CBS affiliate in Colorado, Romney was visibly annoyed after a string of questions that included his stance on gay marriage and civil unions (he’s against them), in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants (he’s against that) and medical marijuana (he thinks pot is a “gateway drug”)

House Republican: Stop Messing With Planned Parenthood

A freshman House Republican sent a concise message to his party leaders Wednesday: Stop messing with Planned Parenthood.

Rep. Robert Dold, who represents the liberal suburbs of Chicago, on Wednesday unveiled the “Protecting Women’s Access to Health Care Act” outside the Capitol, which would forbid agencies and governments from denying Title X funds to a qualified organization.

Twitter Defense of Occupy Protester’s Tweets is Landmark Case, Experts Say

Usually, it’s Twitter’s users that make and break news. But on Tuesday, the company itself became the subject of headlines after filing a motion in New York City criminal court arguing that it should not have to turn over a user’s tweets to authorities.

College Grads Struggle to Gain Financial Footing

Most of the estimated 1.5 million people graduating from a four-year college this spring will soon be looking for a job.

If the experiences of other recent college grads are any guide, many will be disappointed.

A new Rutgers University survey of those who graduated from college between 2006 and 2011 finds that just half of those grads are working full time.

Pacific ‘garbage patch’ changing insect mating habits

Marine insects in the Pacific Ocean are changing their reproduction habitats in response to environmental changes from the accumulating amount of rubbish in the north Pacific subtropical gyre, also known as the great Pacific garbage patch, according to researchers

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