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This week I helped administer our county’s 2012 Democratic Caucus. Caucuses were held in each county in Florida, both to choose our state’s 2012 presidential nominee and to choose delegates for the Florida Democratic Convention. Over 1400 candidates filed statewide as delegates to the state convention … all pledging to support our unanimous nominee, Barack Obama.

Although the Florida Republican Party decided to have an early primary – and lost half of their delegates to the GOP National Convention – the Florida Democratic Party wisely decided to follow rules worked out with the Democratic National Committee. As a result, we will have 300 delegates at the National Convention in Charlotte.

The delegates who were elected in their county caucuses will convene in Tampa next month to choose 215 of our 300 delegates to the national convention. The rest will be At Large delegates selected by the Obama campaign to ensure Florida’s delegation is a representative cross-section of Florida Democrats.

Our county’s caucus was busy, with a steady stream of Democrats coming in to cast their ballots. This allowed our Democratic Executive Committee leaders to meet many new Democrats, and almost all signed up to help our DEC and/or Organizing For America with canvassing, phone-banking, and GOTV efforts later this year. All in all, the caucus was a very successful day of organization-building for our DEC, for OFA, and for the Florida Democratic Party.

Congratulations to our elected delegates to the Florida State Convention. See you in Tampa next month!