For this weekend’s reading list we have a website urging North Carolinians to vote Against the anti-LGBT Amendment One on May 8, an excerpt from Paul Krugman’s new book, an accounting of the SEC’s increased criminal and civil prosecutions of financial fraud, a report on the importance of immigration to our economy and fiscal future, and essays on how coalitions and strategies around the fight for LGBT equality can provide instructive examples of how progressives can win in other policy areas.

Know and Love – A collection of videos of North Carolinians speaking out against Amendment One, the anti-LGBT state constitutional amendment that is on the ballot on Tuesday, May 8. Many North Carolina voters appear to be unaware that Amendment One would bar not only marriage equality but also legal recognition of all civil unions and domestic partnerships. If you know people in North Carolina, please urge them to vote Against Amendment One on Tuesday, May 8.

The SEC: Outmanned, Outgunned, and On a Roll – the story of how the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has undertaken an unprecedented number of criminal and civil actions against financial malfeasance over the past few years. In 2011 alone, the SEC filed a record 735 enforcement actions and collected $928 million in penalties, almost four times the amount it collected in 2008.

How to End This Depression – An excerpt from Paul Krugman’s new book End This Depression Now! on how we can achieve government policies that would finally bring economic recovery and strong job growth.

How Organized Labor Helped Win Marriage Equality in Maryland and Washington, And What We Can Learn – How SEIU, UNITE HERE, UFCW and other unions worked with LGBT activists to achieve marriage equality in Maryland and Washington, and how labor and LGBT groups can continue to work together on achieving labor victories for both groups.

America’s Secret Growth Weapon: Why Immigration Really, Really Matters – An accounting of how immigration is critically important to economic growth in the US, and in keeping our population younger so that Medicare and Social Security can stay afloat.

What Gay Rights Activists Can Teach the Left About Winning – The story of significant progress on LGBT equality during the Obama Administration demonstrates the importance of progressives figuring out how to constructively pressure the Administration to take progressive stands, rather than either assuming the Administration will do so on its own or pretending like President Obama is no better than the Republicans.