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Accused 9/11 conspirators don’t want to make plea deal, lawyer says

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba — When Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his four alleged 9/11 co-conspirators are brought before the war court Saturday to face arraignment, they’ll have three ways to answer to the charges: Plead innocent. Plead guilty. Or no plea at all.

Stun gun cases could electrify the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — Malaika Brooks was seven months pregnant when a Seattle police officer stunned her with a Taser. Hawaii resident Jayzel Mattos was at home when she, too, got zapped by police.

In voting Sunday, Greece and France are expected to reject austerity measures, roiling Europe’s leaders

ATHENS, Greece — French and Greek leaders who backed the European Union’s severe austerity measures are likely to take a drubbing when both countries hold national elections on Sunday, raising pressures on EU leaders to ease the tough fiscal constraints they adopted to head off the euro crisis.

China agrees to allow dissident to study in U.S., which may save face for Beijing

BEIJING — Tapping a visa track to America used by thousands of Chinese students, U.S. officials say they have struck a face-saving compromise with China over the fate of a blind Chinese human rights activist, possibly resolving a messy diplomatic dispute that brought deep embarrassment to both countries.

Rioting Egyptians at Defense Ministry say street protests are more effective than elections

CAIRO — Two weeks before presidential elections here, amid continuing clashes between Egyptian civilians and security forces, protesters are saying that they are back in the streets because they do not trust elections to bring about the kind of revolutionary change they had hoped for.

Campaign ads this year have been overwhelmingly negative

WASHINGTON — This has been an unusually ugly year in political advertising. Seven out of 10 ads that have aired so far in this presidential race have been negative, a huge leap from 9.1 percent in the 2008 campaign cycle, according to a new analysis from the Wesleyan University Media Project.

Super moon 2012: ‘Gloriously full,’ with 14 percent more lunar excitement

LOS ANGELES — According to NASA’s calculations, Saturday night is when the moon will hit your eye like a big pizza pie, to paraphrase Dean Martin. It’s “super moon” time.

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