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Big Banks Slack on Maintaining Foreclosed Homes in Minority Areas, Complaint Charges

Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank have let foreclosed homes in black and Latino neighborhoods lapse into disrepair, while bank-owned homes in mainly white neighborhoods are better cared-for, according to housing advocates.

Senate falls short in vote on “Buffett Rule” millionaire tax

WASHINGTON — The “Buffett Rule’’ — the Democratic-authored effort to impose a minimum tax on millionaires — is probably dead for awhile, fatally wounded by a largely partisan Senate vote Monday.

Study: ALEC has ‘secretive influence’ in Missouri statehouse

At least 30 bills have been introduced in the Missouri statehouse in recent years that are nearly identical to legislation originally written by a conservative organization whose membership includes some of the country’s largest corporations.

Freeways no longer? Interstates might get more tolls

WASHINGTON — The federal interstate highway system is showing its age, and, faced with the cost of repairing all those bumps and cracks, some states want to ask motorists to pay tolls on roads that used to be free.

U.S. Has A Natural Gas Problem: Too Much Of It

There’s a boom in natural gas production in the United States, a boom so big the market is having trouble absorbing it all.

Did Obama’s Policies Help, Or Hinder, The Economy?

The 2012 presidential election is approaching, and President Obama’s fate may hinge on how well the economy fares over the coming months.

IMF: Global Economic Outlook Improves Slightly

The International Monetary Fund is more optimistic about the global economy after seeing faster U.S. growth and a coordinated effort in Europe to address its debt crisis.

The global lending organization said Tuesday that the U.S. economy should expand 2.1 percent this year. Europe will likely shrink 0.3 percent and the world economy should grow 3.5 percent. All three of the IMF’s estimates are slightly better than its January’s forecasts.

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