The resident faculty left a 2008 “Hope” campaign poster outside the mail room door. The staff knew it was a clue. (More)

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Thus we return to the 2008 campaign poster left outside the mail room door as the resident faculty made their way from the wine cellar library where they spent the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference. The staff immediately sorted out that clue.

The poster was the iconic “Hope” image created by Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairey, based on a 2006 Associated Press photo by freelance photographer Mannie Garcia. The poster has since spawned countless parodies, and in 2010 Sarah Palin sneeringly asked the audience at a Tea Party event: “How’s that Hopey, Changey stuff workin’ out?” While her tone and wording were derisive, the underlying question will be on many peoples’ minds as the news coverage shifts from the GOP primary to the contest between President Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Do those who voted for the president still have the hope they felt in 2008? Should they? Given the daunting challenges we face, as a nation and as a species, is hope reasonable? What should we say about hope when talking with voters like archetypal Fred in 2012?

With no shortage of distressing news, we need to share hope again … and that’s what the resident faculty will discuss later this week.


Happy Monday!