The twins, Nancy and Michelle, are learning to read and write. They think it’s cool to put their thoughts into words and see their thoughts in words. So of course they want the new iPawed, with Chitter. I’ve seen how they leave things lying around, so I’m not ready to pay a big pile of chestnuts for two phones that are smart enough to give them directions to their friend’s tree but not smart enough to say “Don’t forget me when you go home.” And of course, that answer was Not Fair.

It reminded me of a debate about taxes last night on Twitter. A progressive had spoken up for the Buffet Rule, the proposal that would ensure millionaire investors don’t pay a lower tax rate than working people. A conservative replied that the Buffet Rule would not eliminate the deficit and a higher tax on capital gains would only hurt middle-income investors, as the wealthy could easily afford it, and added:

How about a Fair Tax or a Flat tax? No loopholes to jump through. Just utter simplicity.

Against my better judgment, I jumped in:

What’s “fair” about flat tax when top 10% take home 71% of income?

A second conservative replied:

They earned it. We are an envious society. Work hard and do the best you can.

And the first conservative added:

What’s fair about the top 10% of earners paying 70% of federal income?

To which the second conservative replied:

Nothing is fair about that.

So it would be fair for the top 10% to earn 70% of the nation’s income, because “They earned it.” But “Nothing is fair” about the top 10% paying 70% of federal income taxes, because … well … just because.

It was easier to talk with the girls about that iPawed.

Good day and good nuts.