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What Do You Owe In Taxes? Depends Who’s Counting

In 2012, the federal tax return deadline is Tuesday, April 17 — so if you haven’t already filed your income tax return, you have about one week left to shop around for different options to finish your taxes, or request an extension.

Suspects Arrested In Tulsa, Okla., Shootings

Two men were arrested in Tulsa, Okla., on Sunday in connection with the deaths of three people in a shooting spree that terrorized the city’s black community and left two others critically wounded.

College seniors face better job prospects but continued angst

The employment market may be picking up, but graduating seniors like Ballard — who ultimately landed a job with a Chicago advertising agency and will start in May — have in many cases known nothing during their college careers but economic turbulence and high unemployment. And they’re facing their futures with more anxiety than ever.

Has Syria really agreed to U.N. cease-fire?

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Contradicting reports from the United Nations last week that Syria’s government had agreed to a cease fire that would have gone into effect on Thursday, the Syrian government said Sunday it would not withdraw troops from restive areas unless it received “written agreements” from armed rebels dedicated to the ouster of Syrian president Bashar al Assad.

North Korea readies longer range rocket; Japan, S.Korea wary

(Reuters) – North Korea has readied a rocket for a launch from a forested valley in its remote northwest this week that will showcase the reclusive state’s ability to fire a missile with the capacity to hit the continental United States.

Peru appeals for help to free trapped miners

Peru’s government has appealed to mining companies for heavy equipment and experts to help free nine miners trapped for four days in a copper mine.

Analysis: South Korea’s Twitter generation may give liberals upset win

(Reuters) – South Korea’s liberal opposition, bolstered by the under-40s and power of social media, could spring a surprise win in this week’s parliamentary elections despite opinion polls that show it tied with the ruling conservatives.

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