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St. John’s College at Cambridge was chartered today (1511). Also, Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition left England for Roanoke Island (1585), Γ‰douard-LΓ©on Scott de Martinville recorded a human voice on his phonautograph (1860), the U.S. Senate ratified the purchase of Alaska (1867), Marian Anderson sang at the Lincoln Memorial (1939), the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission was established (1945), white and black civil rights activists began the Journey of Reconciliation (1947), the first indoor baseball game was played at the Houston Astrodome (1965), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s funeral was held (1968), and the Philippine Basketball Association played their first game (1975). And former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was convicted of drug and racketeering charges (1992).

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