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Israeli PM halts eviction of hardline Jewish settlers in Hebron

The Israeli prime minister has intervened to prevent the eviction of hardline Jewish settlers from a house in the tense West Bank city of Hebron, despite a Palestinian family’s insistence that they are the legal owners of the property.

Yahoo layoffs: 2,000 staff expected to go in latest shake-up

Yahoo is reportedly preparing to announce a massive round of layoffs as the troubled internet company struggles to turn around its fortunes.

The Facts Behind the Government’s New ‘Hospitality’ Guidelines for Immigrant Detainees

The government recently unveiled a new set of rules outlining better care for immigrants and asylum seekers detained while waiting for their deportation hearings.

The guidelines, issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE), have been assailed by congressional Republicans, who say they amount to coddling illegal immigrants.

Impact of ending military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ law ‘negligible’

WASHINGTON — For 13 years, Marine Maj. Darrel Choat didn’t tell. That meant 13 years of demurring when the wives of fellow officers tried to set him up with women they knew. It meant sneaking away to attend the funeral of a friend who’d died of AIDS. It meant staying silent when fellow Marines ranted about “fags.”

NASA budget might have less space for planetary science

President Barack Obama’s $17.7 billion budget request for NASA for the 2013 fiscal year includes a $300 million cut to planetary science, the very work JPL specializes in.

President Obama Calls Republican Budget ‘Thinly-Veiled Social Darwinism,’ ‘A Prescription For Decline’

President Obama today used a speech before the Associated Press Luncheon to deliver a defense of the social safety net and government investment, while laying out the empirical case against supply-side economics. “You would think that after the results of this experiment in trickle-down economics were made painfully clear, the proponents of this theory might moderate their views a bit,” Obama said. “But that’s exactly the opposite of what they’ve done.”

The Health Care Industry Is Implementing Reform, Regardless Of The Supreme Court’s Decision

The fate of the Affordable Care Act now rests with the nine justices on the Supreme Court, but win or lose, the health care law has already changed the health care market and set the industry on a path of delivering and paying for health care more efficiently. Just as “49 states and the District of Columbia have already taken action supporting the law’s implementation” and are unlikely to backtrack on those efforts, health care payers and providers are moving forward with reforms that suggest that the law is definitely here to stay

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